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Designers < Directors

The recent beta of Apple’s iOS 7 is getting a lot of press, much of it somewhat dubious to downright negative at best. But all the gyrations regarding font weight, color palettes and icon size are missing a much larger point, best explained by iMore’s Rene Ritchie here. I agree. iOS7 is, one way or another, going to be HUGE. Whether it’s hugely successful or a huge flop remains to be seen, but either way, it marks a fork in the road for any creative: Are you a designer? Or will you become a director?

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me | song_Out of the Blue

It happened once, a summer Both of them just walking No destination Two best friends long as they can remember Always sat together Eating crackers chorus Then there come a something Right out of the blue Friends turn into lovers Bride and grooms It happened one September Regular appointment Just hop up here, m’am I’d…

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me | song_Liza Jo

…come on baby… …turn over for daddy… Now I got it started, time to hit the road Head for the highway, got to ease my load chorus ‘Cause I’m going up country, got to see my Liza Jo Will I be welcome? Tell the truth I don’t know Last time I saw her, had a…

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me | song_May 20

Crowded doorway, awkward stances He brushes past her, stolen glances Her hand on shoulder, change the balance He starts thinking about her talents chorus Hold on, tightly, bumpy ride tonight Not sure, maybe, it’ll turn out right Careful, caution, no need to jump the gun Patience, slow down, the game’s just begun Out for dinner,…

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De-Facing Facebook: The coming anti-Social correction.

Originally posted some time in late 2009. Still think it’s going to happen. Guess I’m just a…futurist. – dp (writing 6.30.2011) It’s inevitable. And for many, it’s going to be painful. I’m talking about what happens when the first wave of Social Networking enthusiasts crashes into the rocks of real.We’ve already seen the first of…

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Siri, can you pass the Turing Test?

Originally posted some time earlier. Recycled for maximum blog churn. – dp Has anyone tried to get the iPhone 4S’s Voice Assistant Siri to pass the challenge created by Alan Turing? From Wikipedia: “The Turing test is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior. In Turing’s original illustrative example, a human judge…

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Twitter=Mars, Facebook=Venus

Originally posted some time earlier. Recycled for maximum blog churn. – dp Women are different than men. Shocker, I know. But consider the following observation. It proves one of two things: A. That I am a chauvinist ass or B. That while painting with a timezone-wide brush, there’s some truth here worth considering. My argument,…

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Originally posted some time earlier. Recycled for maximum blog churn. – dp Here’s my quick two-minute response to a friend’s Google+ query re: Google+: “The thing that intrigues me most about G+ is what you started right here: a conversation with people you’ve curated into a posse (for whatever reason). A quick scan of this…

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me | recommend_Venus

cross-posted from my review @ The App Store. I’ve always disliked Facebook’s desktop user experience. It has a baked in lack of intuitive navigation, suffers from seemingly non-sensical design, and is just plain corporate ugly. Oh, and let’s not forget about the ads and distracting noise strewn about every page. Taken as a whole, Facebook…

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Determining the difference

Originally posted some time earlier. Recycled for maximum blog churn. – dp So much of social media is based on tiny, seemingly insignificant nuances between apparently identical entities. That’s a long way of saying that sometimes apples vs. apples is actually Golden Delicious vs. Granny Smith. So how’s a person to understand the diff between…

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me | song_Ten Feet Away

Sittin’ watchin’, my baby talkin’ As she climbs up your dress Now don’t you start stoppin’ I just thought I’d drop in And found you both a mess Well, your still my flower Who ain’t seen a shower Since this baby was born Well, don’t you once worry There’s no kind of hurry today So…

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Minority > Majority

Originally posted some time earlier. Recycled for maximum blog churn. – dp Without going into horrendously boring detail regarding my personal computing habits, this post requires the following understanding: my very first computer was an 8088 IBM XT clone. Green screen. Dual 5.25 inch floppy drives. And no C: prompt until I “upgraded” the machine…

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Who / Music

D.P. Knudten day job: Chief Collaborator @ COLLABORATOR CREATIVE, a content/story/marketing agency in Madison, Wisconsin night joy: Elizabeth, Anna, Claire and Julia. Special guest star: Olive, the black Labrador, as ‘the goofball.’

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