portfolio_Madison Ballet

You can hide a weak concept with a big budget. But no budget at all? Concept is all you’ve got. Associate Creative Director/Director: D.P. Knudten Agency: Stephan & Brady Advertising • Madison, Wisconsin Associate Creative Director/Director: D.P. Knudten Art Director: Rich DeRicco Agency: Stephan & Brady Advertising • Madison, Wisconsin

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portfolio_Discover Wisconsin

Longform? Not a problem. (from the blurb on the back) “For 25 years Discover Wisconsin has introduced television viewers to odd, interesting, delicious and delightful destinations and attractions throughout the Badger State. And now, to celebrate the first quarter-century of what has become the nation’s longest running tourism TV program, the team of storytellers at…

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portfolio_Breckenridge Ski School

In the best of all possible worlds, concept precedes execution. But as we all know, this is not the best of all possible worlds. Ever get one of those “here are some pictures from our library— can you write some headlines to match them?” jobs? This series of bus boards is exactly that: photos from…

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A pro bono transit campaign for DreamBikes, a non-profit retail store that teaches kids for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Madison how to repair, merchandise and sell pre-owned bikes. Creative Director/Copywriter: D.P. Knudten Art Director: Wayne Koenig Agency: Waldbillig & Besteman Advertising • Madison, Wisconsin

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portfolio_Janesville Jets

Every agency has a ® or ™ branding process. This is an example of the final deliverable created from the Brand BackStory™ process I crafted for Discover Mediaworks. The client in this case is the Janesville Jets, a North American Hockey League team. Get Jets Yet? This Brand BackStory was created to make sure you…

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portfolio_Discover Mediaworks rebrand

Pictures speak louder than words—and here’s proof: Before (circa 2002): After (2011): ’nuff said. Here’s the Brand BackStory™ I wrote that served as the philosophical foundation for the entire thing: Discover Mediaworks’ Brand Backstory™ -dp Creative Director: D.P. Knudten Associate Creative Director/Art: Wayne Koenig Agency: Discover Mediaworks • Madison, Wisconsin

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Fear. Desire. Choose.

Every once in a while, the universe perfectly aligns where you are, with what you need. Here’s but one current example. I stumbled across the article about MLB pitcher Jamie Moyer and his personal journey through a professional life hampered by negativity (doubts, fears) to one focused on accentuating the positive (working with the…

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Let’s collaborate.

It’s been a long time coming, but COLLABORATOR creative is LIVE. I’ll be continuing to do what I’ve always done—work with clients to achieve their marketing goals—only this time as the Chief Collaborator at my own shop. Those of you who’ve known me for years will recognize that modus operandi from my days back in…

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In praise of parameters.

If anything is possible, nothing is. A provocative over-statement, perhaps, but it’s often true when trying to create work, art, music, poetry, and baked goods. Endless possibility is often creatively debilitating. I mean, where to start? For me, it’s parameters, as in “let’s tightly define the parameters of this project.” Classical poetic forms? Parameters. A…

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Three chords + the truth =

Mama’s hooked on Mary Kay. Brother’s hooked on maryjane. Daddy’s hooked on Mary two doors down. That’s modern day Shakespeare, and a lyric from Kacey Musgrave’s breakout album Same Trailer Different Park. Three simple phrases sum up a family’s condition in just sixteen words. That’s tight storytelling, too—and one of the reasons I love country…

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You paid for it. It’s not yours.

Why do I have a couple of boxes filled with hundreds of music CDs sitting in my basement? Because of this. Even after going through the trouble and week’s-worth of time ripping every CD with Apple’s Lossless codec, I’m keeping the actual bought-’em-in-a-store or via Columbia House Records discs because of this unfortunate fact of…

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Your mileage may vary. How very true.

Automakers faced quite a challenge when the EPA began requiring them to publish miles-per-gallon stats for new vehicles. After all, how can you create a “one size fits all” average when one driver floors it, and the other feathers it? You can’t. But you can create an approximate average that works by appending the brilliantly…

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Features & Benefits?Benefits, then Features.

This is a “duh” post (at least for anybody who deals with marketing on a daily basis.) But all you have to do is look around the marketplace (especially B2B) and you can see terrifically bad examples of a universally recognized marketing rule of thumb being routinely ignored. The rule in question? The one regarding…

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Designers < Directors

The recent beta of Apple’s iOS 7 is getting a lot of press, much of it somewhat dubious to downright negative at best. But all the gyrations regarding font weight, color palettes and icon size are missing a much larger point, best explained by iMore’s Rene Ritchie here. I agree. iOS7 is, one way or another, going to be HUGE. Whether it’s hugely successful or a huge flop remains to be seen, but either way, it marks a fork in the road for any creative: Are you a designer? Or will you become a director?

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