Let me answer your first question first:

The ‘D’ is for ‘David,’
the ‘P’ is for ‘Paul.’

And your next?
So what exactly do you do, and speak about?

Well, I love helping people and companies discover, craft and communicate their unique, and completely true, NonFiction Brand™ stories, and showing them how to communicate them via the most effective and efficient channels possible.


So they can be more successful, future-proof their careers, and create real brand value for themselves while adding that value to their company’s brand as well.

See, I believe ‘brand’ is a rising tide that floats all boats—and that companies who embrace a ‘house of brands’ approach to their employees will attract and retain more. Not just employees, but customers, market share, and bottom line profit.

This approach works, and I love proving it, LIVE in front of audiences, through deep dive seminars, and in training sessions throughout the U.S. – D.P. Knudten

Discover, craft and communicate your authentic NonFiction Brand™.


Truly sustainable and scalable brands are based on truth. But how do you find the most compelling, and converting, truth about yourself without coming off like a complete narcissist? In this inspirational and encouraging talk, I walk the audience through the ‘why’ you need to build your personal brand, share a handful of immediately actionable ‘how to’ tools to help you discover, craft your ‘completely true / completely you’ truth—and identify the most effective channels for communicating it. This talk is fun, provocative and packed with examples your brand won’t want you to miss.
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable)

Culture Chicken / Brand Egg™—
Which comes first?


A company’s culture is critical to its success. So is its brand. But which comes first? Do you have to have an existing culture to create a true brand—or do you need a brand to found and ground a sustainable and scalable culture?

That’s a big question in an eggshell, and one this presentation tackles by looking at real-world examples of established and startup companies that have either succeeded, or failed, in creating a company culture that is aligned with their corporate mission, embraced by their employees, and completely true to who they are and the way they do business.
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable)


“D.P.’s ‘Culture Chicken/Brand Egg’ discussion did not disappoint! He is an engaging presenter who has a great deal of knowledge to offer to professionals across a variety of industries. I would recommend D.P. to anyone interested in thought-provoking conversations that will challenge you to think about your personal business or organization in a more creative, innovative way.”

– Diara Parker, Board Member, Culture Community

“The Culture Chicken/Brand Egg presentation that D.P. shared with our A/E/C marketing group was phenomenal! D.P. captured the group’s attention by providing real world scenarios of effective branding and culture techniques. Thank you for sharing your engaging and dynamic presentation.”

– Kim McElwee, President, Society of Marketing Professional Services/Wisconsin

“D.P.’s talk on Brand and Culture greatly exceeded my expectations. The content of his presentation was right on brand – creative, collaborative and provocative! The group was very engaged and had a lively discussion after. We have had great feedback from D.P.’s talk and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a talk that will challenge their audience!”

– Diana Pastrana, Work Space Consultant, M&M Office Interiors

“I have heard D.P. Knudten speak about how culture and brand interact twice now, and each time I come away with new thoughts.  Same presentation, new takeaways.  That makes me happy.  One of my takeaways today is that you have to constantly think are my actions matching my brand and cultural identity?  If not, change your actions!”

– Erin Ogden JD, Ogden Glazer + Schaefer

“D.P.’s talk ‘Culture Chicken / Brand Egg—Which comes first?’ was a great addition to the Midwest Foodservice Expo programming and the feedback from our attendees was impressive across the board. D.P. was engaging, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Would we invite him back? You bet!”

– Amy Nitschke, Expo Projects Manager, Wisconsin Restaurant Association/Midwest Foodservice Expo


NonFiction Branding™

Branding’s a big buzz word in marketing, and everyone who practices it has their own take on it. For some, it’s barely more than the consistent use of logo and color palette. For others, it’s coming up with whatever story the consumer will buy.

For me it’s all about knowing who you are. So you can be it.

I call it NonFiction Branding™ because that’s exactly what it is. A truthful balance between what you are today and where you want to go, NonFiction Branding™ is based on actual physical documentation that’s scalable, sustainable and ‘everybody on the same page’-able.

This provocative & entertaining presentation makes the case for a new approach to branding and marketing based on a factual foundation carefully formed, not ‘shiny object’ fluff. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘why in the world are we doing this?’ about any marketing initiative, you’re already in the non-fiction section—and ready for an introduction to NonFiction Branding™.

Also available in a version specially adapted for Not-for-Profit enterprises called NonFiction Branding™ for Non-Profits
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable)


“He was super engaging. His content was really, really valuable and he was a joy to work with from start to finish.”

– Chris Rudolph, former Senior Dream Creator, DreamBank.

“With branding and everything, I didn’t know where to start. Now I know where to start. You are a fantastic speaker, and I really like your authenticity…you really connected with everyone in the audience.”

-Leah Roe, VP of People Operations, healthfinch

“(D.P.’s) graphics and stories have a way of really bringing people in. You’ve got some great experiences far as case studies…things you’ve worked on. I think nothing parallels to that real-world detail that you’re able to share. I think there are seasoned people who are far too ‘stuck in their ruts,’ and presentations like this helps them…yanks them out of their context just enough, so fresh things happen.”

– Kenn Busch, Publisher, Material Intelligence

“I would recommend ‘NonFiction Branding’ as a talk for anybody who is trying to think more deeply about their branding and their marketing.”

– Stacy Harbaugh, Founder/CEO, Unstuck Communications


The Why and How of ROTOMA™
The ROI of Social Media ‘Top of Mind.’

ROTOMA—The ROI of Social Media 'Top of Mind' by Spencer X. Smith and D.P. Knudten
For far too many ‘too much already on my plate’ professionals, Social Media is the annoying mosquito in the room. They know they should do something about it, but chasing every new buzz around is just not compatible with an over-packed professional schedule.

This talk is about killing that dang mosquito, and in a way that builds your personal brand at the same time.

Based on the celebrated book D.P. co-authored with renowned Social Media expert Spencer X. Smith ROTOMA—The ROI of Social Media ‘Top of Mind,’ this presentation is loaded with actionable tips that you can start implementing immediately after the presentation wraps.
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable)


“I wanted to share with you how much me and my staff enjoyed your seminar last week.
We are still talking about it.”

– Jim Tubbs, President/CEO, State Bank of Cross Plains

“This was one of the best business presentations
that I’ve seen at SBCP or anywhere…”

– Dan Savage, Vice President of Wealth Management, State Bank of Cross Plains

Personal NonFiction Branding™ for Professionals

You went to school for eons, developed a deep background within your professional category, and offer a level of expertise and personal service that soars above your peers. But guess what: to the marketplace you’re just another lawyer/doctor/Realtor/whatevah.


That is what I AM NOT A COMMODITY is all about:
Creating a personal brand that commands a premium place in the market, and defines you against all others—even colleagues within your current company, agency or firm.

This informative, fun, and action-provoking presentation takes a look at the uncomfortable situation facing professionals in a variety of industries and sectors, and offers some real, immediately actionable steps toward creating a personal brand that identifies, defines, and establishes you as something special within your area of expertise. If you’ve ever lamented that fact that your audience considers you ‘just another fill in the blank,’ I AM NOT A COMMODITY can help.
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable)

Check out the ‘Pecha Kucha’ style version of the presentation (above) (20 slides, 15 seconds each for a total of 5 minutes). It’s an amped-up version of my normal speaking style, and a great example of how I customize not just the content of the talk, but also its tone and energy to match the needs of the event.

“D.P.’s session was engaging and packed with real-life examples that held my attention.
The hour flew by and left me wishing I could hear more.”

– Mary Murray, Social Media Manager, Wisconsin Institute of CPAs

“D.P. Knudten is a very inspiring speaker! I came to one of this talks feeling overwhelmed with starting LinkedIn but I walked away feeling energized and excited. He offers great insights from his success and makes Social Media sound fun even to a huge introvert like me!”

– Jenny Danhof, CPA


137 Days from Burger to a Book


Amazon.com’s CreateSpace™ on-demand printing platform has changed the way books are published, especially for those who want complete control over their project. But right along with that massive power shift comes a heaping helping of bad advice, misinformation, and ‘how do you even get started?’ uncertainty.
Using the tale of my own journey in self-publishing ROTOMA—The ROI of Social Media ‘Top of Mind’ with co-author Spencer X. Smith, I cut through the confusion with a boatload of actionable tips, valuable resources and recommendations, and the kind of ‘been there, published that’ real-world experience that enabled him to take a ‘what if’ concept all the way from blank page to finished book in just 137 days.
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable).
Full- or Half-Day Workshops available. Please fill out the contact form (below) for details.
Presentation length: 30 to 75 minutes (customizable).
Full- or Half-Day Workshops available. Please fill out the contact form (below) for details.



All of these presentations are available for immediate booking. For more information, fill out the form below or contact D.P. Knudten @ 608.469.8453 • dpk@collaboratorcreative.com


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